I Borbone

A true passion for the craft is behind the unique lines and aesthetic of the ceramics by I Borbone di Capodimonte. Capodimonte is a hill in the heart of Naples where, in 1739, King Charles II founded the Royal Ceramics Factory beside his palace. Over time it became one of the world's greatest porcelain factory, surpassing French and German manufactures. Today Capodimonte Porcelains are one of the glories of Neapolitan's historical and cultural heritage and a representative example of perfectly executed Italian artistic handcraft.

I Borbone Capodimonte is a historical workshop that is continuing the porcelain tradition from generation to generation, since 1843. Today this unique workshop is led by Antonio Fullin Mollica, who, after being fascinated by this creative world, followed the footsteps of his father Giuseppe and grandfather Cesare who thaught him the secrets of ceramics and manufacturing techniques. The uniqueness and perfection of Capodimonte's creations have also been proven by auctions at Sotheby's and Christie's.

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