Addison Ross

Addison Ross is first and foremost family owned and run British brand. They have gone through many changes since their inception in 1978 with their first Gallery on the Scottish Border, followed swiftly by the infamous Addison Ross Gallery in London's Belgravia. At every stage they have maintained their focus on luxury, style and quality. In the early 1990s they developed their first range of Marquetry and Veneer Photo Frames. Since that time they have gone on to expand their collections to include a huge variety of elegant designs and products.

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Aire del Sur

Marcelo Lucini, the creative mind behind airedelsur, belongs to a traditional family in the world of finance. That was his environment, however, his creativity leads him to always be very close to art and architecture. Lover of unique spaces and objects, he was determined to turn his ideas into reality. In 2000, he designed and produced the first objects that shaped his idea of ​​bringing the magic of the elements of South America to the world. And it quickly captured iconic customers who fell in love with his originality. The actress Oprah Winfrey, and Queen Rania of Jordan, are among his first clients. Then many others came, such as designer Tory Burch, and stylist Rachel Zoe, as well as actress Joan Rivers.

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AmbientAir is a leading company in the home fragrance sector: selling, manufacturing and distributing the best home, office, garden and car fragrance products in Europe. Its products are of the highest quality and are made in Spain, at its factory in Segovia.

AmbientAir's main products are reed diffusers and candles. All of them are tested and subjected to a rigorous quality assessment until it is sure that they contain the essence of AmbientAir. Thanks to its great human team, raw materials turn into excellent products that travel around the world to grace many shops and homes.

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Anna von Lipa

The name Anna von Lipa stands for luxurious mouth blown glass art from Bohemia. Founder and chief creator is Danish designer Jytte Correll, who has her designs made by Europe's oldest and most famous glassblowers. The delicately colored tumblers and vases show Jyette Correll's fondness for Art Deco and vintage shapes, which she skillfully mixes with modern Scandinavian influences. They mix both old and new styles and end up with products that are amazing in quality and style and exude exclusivity, class and extravagance.

Since 1996, Anna von Lipa has collaborated with the oldest and most prominent glass blowers in Europe, designing and manufacturing luxurious free-blown glass art. The glasswork, all handmade, is proudly produced in Bohemia, Czech Republic, the glass empire of Central Europe.

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Annieglass, handcrafted glass serveware, giftware and tableware, is produced in California by award-winning artist Ann Morhauser and her team of artisans. Since 1983, she has been creating imaginatively shaped, sculptural designs that are sold in the best stores internationally. Her creations are available in a broad range of complimentary patterns that offer an elegant mix of delectable color and transparent glass with lush 24-karat gold, platinum or metallic glazes.

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Aquazzura Casa

Aquazzura Casa is the homeware subsidiary of Aquazzura, the internationally-acclaimed luxury footwear brand. Moving from Edgardo Osorio's penchant for tablescaping, Aquazzura's signature motifs, tactile embroideries, and vibrant prints crowd the homeware collection while evoking the stylistic atmospheres from Japan, China, and India. The latest in the Aquazzura line, it was unveiled during Milan Design Week in June 2022. The debut tableware collection reflects and reinterprets the stylistic codes of Aquazzura, projecting the internationally-renowned footwear brand into the realm of luxury homeware.

The visual language of the Aquazzura Casa collection explores the balance between tradition and modernity, design and fashion. Minute attention to detail and fine materials, including prized mouth-blown Murano glass, underline the preciousness of every piece, as though part of a prestigious orchestra.

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Arden Classic

Since 2000, when Arden Classic started creating decorative art pieces, it has distinguished itself for fine craftsmanship, a keen attention to detail, and its alluring design direction: a marriage of nature and finely-tuned artistic techniques. Based in Cebu, Philippines, design artist ARDEN SIAROT takes natural elements, and works on these with his innate creativity and prodigious knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering. From this combination, a collection of refined and elegant works of art emerges: metal sculptures that perfectly hold and embrace the shell and other organic components.

Each Arden art decor uses exquisite shells, such as the elegant nautilus and the sought-after mother-of-pearl, among others, that naturally abound in the waters surrounding the island.

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Artifacts has been working with Burmese artisans for almost 25 years. it started as a devotion to global travel that turned the company to work directly with artisans and workshops in South East Asia, creating practical functional home décor that reflects quality traditional craftsmanship. It developed decade-long relationships and works cooperatively with artisans to ensure the highest standards and fairest practices.

Artifacts' products are hand-woven with a tight weave, durable construction, and exquisite and impeccable quality. Woven from Burmese rattan which is natural and sustainable, its rattan trays and baskets come stained in Honey Brown, Tudor Black, or White Wash to provide a sophisticated and perfect finishing touch.

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Be Home

Be Home has been designing beautiful, ethically sourced, handcrafted home goods from around the world for over 17 years. New collections are developed each season in line with their values: handmade, responsible, and sustainable. Every Be Home product is handcrafted in small batches, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Each of their products was crafted by the hands of a talented craftsperson.

Be Home is privileged to engage in partnerships with craftspeople from small communities around the world who are encouraged to keep their traditional practices and to find a use for every scrap of sustainable material. Be Home's collections are thoughtfully designed in-house by their dedicated team in California and in Brussels.

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Bring simplicity and elegance to your home. Gleaming white porcelain, smooth edges, wavy bodies and a stylish silver rim made with our signature metallic finish. This line is a sophisticated silver and white alternative and complement to our Salerno Collection. Dishwasher safe, freezer to oven to table, tarnish free and stain resistant.

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A beautiful swarm of gold butterflies will flutter across your table when you use this versatile collection. We believe in the beauty of craft and the individuality of each American artisan who made it. Every brushstroke mark, variation and imperfection is typical and to be expected from our distinctive process of making Annieglass. No two pieces are ever alike, just like none of us are either.

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Carlo Moretti

Carlo Moretti is a “factory of originals”, one of the last few remaining in Murano Island, Venice. It was founded more than fifty years ago, on 30th October 1958, by Carlo and Giovanni Moretti – two young brothers from a Murano family of glass entrepreneurs. 

Carlo Moretti has always created Murano Crystal objects, combining innovation and continuous research. Private collectors seek out these unique, numbered and signed pieces for their recognizable style falling between industrial design and artistic creation. The uniqueness of the Carlo Moretti production has always been appreciated and has received widespread international recognition from the markets and critics and collectors. 

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Carrs Silver

Carrs Silver is a prestigious silverware brand, world-renowned for quality and design. The Carrs range offers the most comprehensive collection of cutlery patterns and accessories available in sterling silver, silver plate and stainless steel. Each piece of Carrs cutlery is produced to the most exacting quality standards. All Carrs Silver products are made in Sheffield, Englad and grace the homes of many who appreciate the finer things in life around the world.

Established by Ron Carr in 1977, initially making silverware gifts and accessories, the family-run business has grown to become one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of fine quality silverware and the largest supplier of silver hotel cutlery blanks to many other silverware companies. The Carrs philosophy has always been to encompass new technologies and techniques whilst employing the finest of traditional hand skills.

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Cattin Porcellane

The Cattin Porcellane collection is the result of a rich artistic tradition whose secrets marveled the cultivators of beauty for centuries. Moulded and decorated by master hands in pure gold, platinum and leadless mineral colours, each of its creations receives from fire the gift of semitransparency that has fascinated many and is its precious trademark. The stamp imprinted upon each item, and their exclusive packaging with certificate of origin, assures its owner of its authenticity and guarantees that the artisans' creation has been supervised, assuring conformity to the tradition of quality made in Italy.

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CreArt was created in 1968 in Empoli, Tuscany, a city near Florence known for its artistic traditions and its production of glassworks since the 14th century. The name is the acronym of Creazioni Artistiche - creation and art - and was given to the nascent company by its young founders: Natale Belli, Alfio Cinotti and Lanciotto Cappelli.

At CreArt, expert glass and crystal merchants, master craftsmen of metal casting and glass engravers come together, constantly researching and developing techniques for creating and embellishing their internationally-sold masterpieces. They take inspiration from ancient Italian, French, and English palaces. High-quality materials, elegance, craftsmanship and superb customer service are what set CreArt apart.

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De Dimora

De Dimora's passion for beauty, elegance of form and color, combined with years of experience of two French partners in the furnishing sector, make the company a prestigious reference in the manufacture and trade of contemporary rugs.

The De Dimora’s collection proposes solutions which are fruit of continuous aesthetic research and innovative designs from well-known professionals in the sector. Style, high quality and elegance characterize De Dimora's production making their products unique and adaptable to endless contemporary furniture trends.

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Dea Luxury Linens

Dea is known worldwide for creating some of the most exquisite Italian-made linens. The Dea tradition is a flawless marriage of heritage and fine Italian tailoring, expertise handed down from generation to generation. It seamlessly fuses old world methods with contemporary designs and fabrications creating beautifully-crafted pieces for the bed, bath and table.

The careful elegance that distinguishes each Dea product shows unparalleled quality and style. It is a collection to be touched, to be admired and to be used with pride. Dea makes the home elegant, sophisticated and irresistible - the precious lace, the intricate embroidery and the pictorial print are absolutely gorgeous.

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Discover our collection of home decorative accessories, candleholders and scented candles by Dekocandle – a brand renowned for their artisanal craftsmanship, authenticity and creating products for the home with soul. The Dekocandle collection of traditionally moulded candles and stylish decorative items are designed to suit homes of all tastes and styles, encompassing a broad range of traditional and contemporary designs.

The candles are handmade in the factory in Belgium. Every wick is precisely positioned, colors and scents are manually mixed and the candles are one by one moulded and finished. Their elegant home accessories range from mouth blown vases and candleholders to hurricanes.

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Evoke the majesty of a solar eclipse with this collection that combines elegant black glazed high-fired porcelain and dazzling gold titanium. These pieces will bring a contemporary look to any table.

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The Edgey Collection is perhaps one of Annieglass' finest examples of innovative glassmaking and is the result of countless years of experimentation with glass and precious metals.

After edges are hand chipped and painted, each piece is set into a kiln to undergo Annieglass’ unique “slumping” process. In the fiery kiln, chipped glass becomes smooth, losing dangerous sharp edges while retaining dramatic texture, and precious metals permanently fuse to the glass to ensure dishwasher safety.

From the kiln to your table, Edgey is a collection of contemporary glass tableware – plates, platters and bowls that exude sophisticated rawness and show-stopping beauty.

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Since 1975, EDZARD has been designing stylish lifestyle products around the themes of bar, laid table and home accessories made of noble silver, precious stainless steel and hand-blown plating glass. EDZARD has been known for timeless design for over 40 years, cooperates with around 1,500 specialist retail partners in Germany, Europe and overseas and exports to more than 30 countries worldwide.

EDZARD creates products that make life beautiful and always pays attention to the combination of design and functionality.

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Featured Sets

Exclusively curated for discerning customers, these sets bring together our interior design ideas and inspiring product selections. Freshen up your homes with our handpicked pieces: from sophisticated dining sets to finely-crafted home accessories.

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For Coffee Lovers

Relax and unwind over a cup of coffee with these sophisticated sets. Designed to have the perfect room on the plate for your favorite matching snack.

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Gary Bodker

Gary Bodker’s handblown glass designs introduce one-of-a-kind accents into one's home. Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, each piece features a perfectly imperfect organic shape. Soft curves, smooth edges and subdued tones reflect the tranquil beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Gary Bodker didn’t set out to become a glassmaker when he originally enrolled at the Rhode Island School of Design. Thinking he would study architecture, Bodker stayed on at RISD instead of returning to New Orleans, until a short course in glassmaking offered a window on a different sort of practice. Today his work is an appreciation for beauty foregrounded by an abiding appreciation for usefulness. With his Gems series of large and small glass vessels, Bodker looks to make work that is both handmade and well made, two often antagonistic qualities in glassware.

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Get Gifty - Porcelain Sets

Get gifty with our sets and simply enjoy! Each set includes a themed bowl with a matching spoon or spreader, both made out of high-fired porcelain with our signature silver or gold finishes. Beautifully packed in a gift box with a printed postcard for you to personalize! Ideal for all gifting occasions.

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Golden Handles

The warm gold finished handles and edges accent gleaming white porcelain bodies make the Golden Handles collection a must-have in any home. The new look which coordinates beautifully with traditional or contemporary table settings is just captivating. These pieces are sure to add vibrant color to modern tables and fresh energy to traditional settings. They are food safe, dishwasher safe, freezer to oven to table.

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Golden Millenium

Still simple in shape and rich in texture, plus the warm gold titanium tones, and the convenience of porcelain. All these serving pieces will add vibrant character to your table settings or add a festive touch for special occasions.

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Golden Salerno

We combined modern organic shapes with warm gold titanium tones to create these serving pieces. Sure to add vibrant character to modern tables and fresh energy to traditional settings.

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GUAXS is a German based brand that creates artisanal handblown, sculptural glass objects for stylish interiors and spaces. Drawing inspiration from nature and cultural artifacts, founders Annette and Anselm Schaugg envisioned creating objects that would impact the atmosphere of a room or the people around them.

Using handicraft techniques developed centuries ago, GUAXS uses authentic and sustainable materials for design and creation. Each piece displays the variable trace of human work on the surface, channeling sculptural form and texture with an emphasis on strong color impression. The smooth and natural appearance of these beautiful objects allow them to be naturally integrated into any architecture, while remaining unique and magical at the same time.

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Handle with Style

Get a handle on serving your favorite meals with the silver finish handles and edges accent gleaming white porcelain bodies. A new look which coordinates beautifully with traditional or contemporary table settings. Dishwasher safe, freezer to oven to table, tarnish free, and stain resistant.

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Heart to Heart

We present a new collection of high-fired porcelain pieces with gold decorations that inspire deep conversations over a cup of coffee or your favorite tea. The fondest memories are made around the table; show that love with these elegant pieces.

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Home Accesories

Unique glass and ceramic vases, cachepots, figurative vases and jars, featuring meticulous work to achieve the intricate texture and design. Explore our selection of lacquered and Italian leather trays, photo frames and decorative accessories expertly handmade in exquisite designs. Discover unique candelabras and beautifully handmade candle holders in glass, ceramics, marble, and even seashell.

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I Borbone

A true passion for the craft is behind the unique lines and aesthetic of the ceramics by I Borbone di Capodimonte. Capodimonte is a hill in the heart of Naples where, in 1739, King Charles II founded the Royal Ceramics Factory beside his palace. Over time it became one of the world's greatest porcelain factory, surpassing French and German manufactures. Today Capodimonte Porcelains are one of the glories of Neapolitan's historical and cultural heritage and a representative example of perfectly executed Italian artistic handcraft.

I Borbone Capodimonte is a historical workshop that is continuing the porcelain tradition from generation to generation, since 1843. Today this unique workshop is led by Antonio Fullin Mollica, who, after being fascinated by this creative world, followed the footsteps of his father Giuseppe and grandfather Cesare who thaught him the secrets of ceramics and manufacturing techniques. The uniqueness and perfection of Capodimonte's creations have also been proven by auctions at Sotheby's and Christie's.

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