Gary Bodker

Gary Bodker’s handblown glass designs introduce one-of-a-kind accents into one's home. Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, each piece features a perfectly imperfect organic shape. Soft curves, smooth edges and subdued tones reflect the tranquil beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Gary Bodker didn’t set out to become a glassmaker when he originally enrolled at the Rhode Island School of Design. Thinking he would study architecture, Bodker stayed on at RISD instead of returning to New Orleans, until a short course in glassmaking offered a window on a different sort of practice. Today his work is an appreciation for beauty foregrounded by an abiding appreciation for usefulness. With his Gems series of large and small glass vessels, Bodker looks to make work that is both handmade and well made, two often antagonistic qualities in glassware.

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